Hello, I'm Sergio Majluf, Designer, DIY'er, and Educator and this is my Portfolio. Welcome!
I'm a husband and father of two; I DESIGN, play music, TINKER with electronics, software and technology in general, and MANAGE an undergraduate design program. In the end, that is what I TEACH to my students.

Who I am.

I hold a multidisciplinary Design Degree at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I have +10 years of experience creating online strategy, identity, interaction and brand experiences for large, mid and small size corporations in Chile. Along the same period, I have taught design at undergraduate level.

I have created and currently am the Undergraduate Director of Universidad del Desarrollo's Digital Design program. I'm also a founding member of UDD's i3 Project which – in partnership with Stanford University's STVP – is a multi-school effort to develop innovation capabilities in UDD students from a inter-disciplinary perspective.



As an undergraduate educator I've had the opportunity to guide and tutor many students in different areas of the design field, mostly focused helping them develop visual and interaction design vocabularies, and applying those skills into envisioning, creating and crafting new futures.
Through almost a decade in studios and classrooms, I've taught diverse courses on the following subjects:

Visual languageVisual Language
Design MethodologiesDesign Methodologies
A selection of design and consulting work
I have been a freelancer, an employee, a business owner, and currently a faculty administrator, gaining multiple perspectives on the digital design discipline, design consulting, and project management.
This portfolio shows relevant process and results in the areas of:
Craft develops a process that becomes learning and ultimately understanding.
Exploration as research and development has always been a key element in acquiring techniques and skills to support my professional practice. Self learning, and hands-on experience is fun and keep me intellectually and technically up to date.